Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The one the only Christian Louboutin !!!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting my idol Christian Louboutin at a signing event, at Holtrenfrew on Bloor st this past friday. He was only supposed to be there from 4pm-6pm he stayed until 8pm smiling and mingling with all his fans until the very last shoe was signed which was mine. He was so friendly, kind, happy and dancing the entire time. What an amazing man, what a priceless moment. I am ever gratefull and in awe. I still cant believe my luck. Hope you guys enjoy the post xoxo Angel.


  1. Undoubtedly the king of shoes :-)

  2. great
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  4. That is so awesome you got to meet him in person and got your heels signed! I have really long toes so I can't really wear pumps that comfortably but do appreciate the design and the beauty of his shoes!

  5. Really lucky!!!

  6. omg im so jealous of youuu! so lucky <3<3

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